Certificates at higher level

Because of to the increasing globalisation compels inside the supply chain resources and products are obtained above increasingly complex ways and different sources. Thereby Broker, agents and importers are an essential connection between producers and retailers. The IFS Broker was created to guarantee the safety and quality of products and to close a gap between the production and distribution. Business partners expect from Brokers, agents and importers that their product requirements are communicated, understood and transcribed by the producers.


The standard checks the parties concerned to guarantee that they use appropriate actions concerning product safety and quality within their activities. Besides broker, agents and importers have to monitor their suppliers, that the delivered products correspond with the legal and specific guidelines of the agreement.

The IFS-Broker is implemented by qualified auditors, which are assigned by independent, accrediting and accepted certification institutes.

Your IFS Broker – MMF Masic

MMF Masic Meat & Food GmbH – your partner from Eugendorf near Salzburg with an IFS certificate

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